Phillip PMART ETF Portfolio

Portfolio Objective
Discretionary portfolio provides EPF members who aim to earn capital gain over the long-term period by investing in Malaysian ETFs listed on Bursa Malaysia

Portfolio Type
Conventional & Shariah

Portfolio Risk Classification
Aggressive & Moderate/Conservative

Portfolio Launch Date
1st December 2015


Mandates Download Factsheet
Phillip PMART ETF Aggressive Portfolio
Phillip PMART ETF Conservative Portfolio
Phillip PMART ETF Shariah Aggressive Portfolio
Phillip PMART ETF Shariah Conservative Portfolio

How Do We Construct The Portfolio
  Selecting the ETFs listed in Bursa Malaysia
  Diversification across asset classes within the ETF selection, balancing exposure to equities and fixed income based on risk-return considerations.
  Rebalance the portfolio, when necessary, in accordance with market conditions to maintain the desired asset allocation and risk profile


Market Risk
ETFs are exposed to market risk, as their value can fluctuate in response to shifts in overall market conditions, including economic downturns, geopolitical events, and changes in investor sentiment.


Liquidity Risk
Certain ETFs experience lower trading volumes or liquidity in the market, resulting in wider bid-ask spreads and potential challenges in executing trades at desired prices, particularly in times of market volatility..


Index Tracking Risk
Tracking error occurs when there are discrepancies between an ETF’s performance and the index it seeks to track, despite the ETF’s intended goal of mirroring the index. This variance can be attributed to factors such as fees, trading costs, and imperfect replication of the index.

Investment Amount

Minimum Initial Investment Amount Subsequent Minimum Investment Amount
RM 30,000
(subject to an initial investment of RM 5,000)
RM 1,000

Fee & Charges

Service Fee Annual Management Fee (including Taxation) Custodian Fee
3.00% for every capital injection 1.50% per annum*
*An annual management fee of 1.50% on the market value of the portfolio will be charged monthly at the end of each calendar month, and payment will be made quarterly in arrears.
0.03% per annum *
* based on market value of the Assets as at end of each calendar month, payable to the Custodian on a monthly basis.