Phillip PMART Opportunity Portfolio

Portfolio Objective
Discretionary portfolio aims to provide EPF members with capital gain over the long-term period through investing in Malaysian equities listed on Bursa Malaysia.

Portfolio Type
Conventional & Shariah

Portfolio Risk Classification
Aggressive & Moderate/Conservative

Portfolio Launch Date
1st December 2007


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Phillip PMART Opportunity  Aggressive Portfolio
Phillip PMART Opportunity Conservative Portfolio
Phillip PMART Opportunity Shariah Aggressive Portfolio
Phillip PMART Opportunity Shariah Conservative Portfolio

How Do We Construct The Portfolio
  Prioritize effective bottom-up stock selection to identify promising investment opportunities aligned with our clients’ objectives.
  Focus on seeking alpha ideas within the equities, where we believe potential for superior risk-adjusted returns is most pronounced.
  Prioritize companies with strong fundamentals, clear earnings visibility, and sustainable competitive advantages, placing a strong emphasis on a fundamentals-driven approach.
  Conduct thorough financial and fundamental analyses, assess industry trends, evaluate management effectiveness, identify and manage risks, and utilize various valuation metrics.


Market Risk
Investing in equities inherently exposes the portfolio to market fluctuations, including changes in stock prices, interest rates, geopolitical events, and macroeconomic factors. Market volatility could impact the performance of the portfolio despite the emphasis on seeking alpha.


Liquidity Risk
Investing in smaller companies or less liquid stocks may pose liquidity risks, particularly during periods of market stress or when executing large trades, potentially impacting the ability to enter or exit positions at desired prices.


External Factors Risk
External factors such as geopolitical tensions, natural disasters, or global economic downturns could impact market conditions and company performance, potentially affecting the investment outcomes despite the emphasis on fundamentals-driven approach.

Investment Amount

Minimum Initial Investment Amount Subsequent Minimum Investment Amount
RM 30,000
(subject to an initial investment of RM 10,000)
RM 5,000

Fee & Charges

Service Fee Annual Management Fee (including Taxation) Custodian Fee
3.00% for every capital injection 1.50% per annum*
*An annual management fee of 1.50% on the market value of the portfolio will be charged monthly at the end of each calendar month, and payment will be made quarterly in arrears.
0.03% per annum *
* based on market value of the Assets as at end of each calendar month, payable to the Custodian on a monthly basis.