Phillip PMART Quant US Portfolio

Portfolio Objective
Discretionary portfolio aims to provide EPF members with the opportunity to achieve capital gain over the long-term period by investing in listed United States equities through a quant-based portfolio.

Portfolio Type
Conventional & Shariah

Portfolio Risk Classification

Portfolio Launch Date
6th June 2023


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Phillip PMART Quant US Aggressive Portfolio
Phillip PMART Quant US Shariah Aggressive Portfolio

How Do We Construct The Portfolio
  The investable universe encompasses up to 9,000 stocks, spanning across all industries without any sector or size bias.
  A filtered universe is derived, considering factors such as country, sector, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria, Shariah compliance, sell-side analyst coverage, and daily liquidity.
  The strategy focuses on identifying top rights through a combination of multi-factors with dynamic weighting, price and earnings momentum, and relative valuation.
  Stock selection prioritizes securities demonstrating strong momentum and attractive valuation, with the highest-ranking ones making up the portfolio, typically consisting of 10 to 30 stocks.
  Portfolio construction adopts an equal-weight approach for each position, ensuring a balanced representation of selected securities.
  Rebalancing occurs periodically, aiming for minimal costs while ensuring the portfolio remains aligned with the strategy’s objectives and market conditions.
  An exit strategy is in place, with considerations for removing stocks from the portfolio when they no longer maintain their position as top rights, thereby optimizing portfolio performance and risk management.


Market Risk
Quantitative strategies are still exposed to general market risk, including fluctuations in stock prices, interest rates, geopolitical events, and macroeconomic factors. While quantitative models may seek to mitigate these risks through diversification and risk management techniques, they cannot entirely eliminate exposure to broader market movements.


Technology Risk
The reliance on technology and infrastructure to implement quantitative strategies introduces risks such as system failures, cybersecurity breaches, and data breaches. Disruptions to trading systems or data feeds can impair decision-making processes and lead to financial losses.


Liquidity Risk
Investing in equities, particularly those with low trading volumes or limited market depth, can expose the portfolio to liquidity risk. During periods of market stress or when executing large trades, liquidity may dry up, leading to difficulty in executing trades at desired prices and potentially incurring losses.

Investment Amount

Minimum Initial Investment Amount Subsequent Minimum Investment Amount
RM 30,000 RM 5,000

Fee & Charges

Service Fee Annual Management Fee (including Taxation) Custodian Fee
3.00% for every capital injection 1.50% per annum*
*An annual management fee of 1.50% on the market value of the portfolio will be charged monthly at the end of each calendar month, and payment will be made quarterly in arrears.
0.03% per annum *
* based on market value of the Assets as at end of each calendar month, payable to the Custodian on a monthly basis.