Phillip PMART UT Flexi Portfolio

Portfolio Objective
Discretionary portfolio aims to provide EPF members with capital gain over the long-term period through investing in Malaysian unit trust funds.

Portfolio Type
Conventional & Shariah

Portfolio Risk Classification
Aggressive & Moderate/Conservative

Portfolio Launch Date
2nd March 2023


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Phillip PMART UT Flexi Aggressive Portfolio
Phillip PMART UT Flexi Conservative Portfolio
Phillip PMART UT Flexi Shariah Aggressive Portfolio
Phillip PMART UT Flexi Shariah Conservative Portfolio

How Do We Construct The Portfolio
 Inclusive of all UT funds that approved by or registered with Securities Commission and domicile in Malaysia.
 Select unit trust funds with a minimum fund size of RM10 million.
 Evaluate the percentage growth of the selected funds against their peers using Bloomberg data, focusing on funds within the same asset class (equity or mixed fixed income) to gauge relative performance.
 Assess the Sharpe Ratio of the funds, which measures the return generated per unit of risk taken. A higher Sharpe Ratio indicates superior risk-adjusted returns.
 Consider the Standard Deviation of the funds as a measure of risk, with a preference for funds exhibiting lower volatility. Lower Standard Deviation implies a more stable investment performance.
 Prioritize unit trust funds with a performance track record of preferably three years or more, providing a longer-term perspective on their historical returns and consistency


Market Risk
As unit trust funds principally invest in public listed companies, they are exposed to changing market conditions as a result of global, regional and national economic conditions, governmental policies or political developments. Market uncertainties and fluctuations caused by these uncertainties will affect the net asset value (NAV) of unit trusts which may fall or rise, thus causing the returns generated by the fund to fluctuate.


Liquidity Risk
The various asset classes that the fund manager has invested into may encounter liquidity risk. Liquidity risk can be related to the fund’s ability to easily and quickly trade at a reasonable price, e.g. to sell or buy units. Should a fund comprise a security that has become temporarily or permanently illiquid or difficult to sell, the fund manager may need to sell the security at a deep discount to its fair value, which will negatively affect the fund’s value.


Currency Risk
Investment into Unit Trust funds that have exposure to foreign investments may be exposed to currency risk. Currency risk is a form of risk that arises from the change in price of one currency against another.

Investment Amount

Minimum Initial Investment Amount Subsequent Minimum Investment Amount
RM 5,000 RM 1,000

Fee & Charges

Service Fee Annual Management Fee (including Taxation) Custodian Fee
3.00% for every capital injection 1.50% per annum*
*An annual management fee of 1.50% on the market value of the portfolio will be charged monthly at the end of each calendar month, and payment will be made quarterly in arrears.
0.03% per annum *
* based on market value of the Assets as at end of each calendar month, payable to the Custodian on a monthly basis.