Phillip PMART ESG Portfolio

Portfolio Objective
Discretionary portfolio aims to provide EPF members with capital gain over the long-term period through investing in shariah compliant Malaysian equities that meet ESG (Environment, social and governance) criteria.

Portfolio Type
Conventional & Shariah

Portfolio Risk Classification
Aggressive & Conservative

Portfolio Launch Date
28th April 2022


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Phillip PMART ESG Aggressive Portfolio
Phillip PMART ESG Conservative Portfolio
Phillip PMART ESG Shariah Aggressive Portfolio
Phillip PMART ESG Shariah Conservative Portfolio

How Do We Construct The Portfolio
  To invest in stocks with a high overall ESG rating which is 3-star and above rating as assessed by FTSE Russell in accordance with FTSE Russell ESG Rating Methodology with a blend of top down and bottom-up approach.
  Target to invest about 95% of the portfolio in stocks.


Diversification Risk
Focusing solely on stocks with high ESG ratings may limit the diversification of the portfolio. If certain sectors or industries with strong ESG performance underperform or face specific challenges, the lack of diversification could lead to higher portfolio risk.


ESG Misrepresentation Risk
There is a risk of greenwashing, where companies may exaggerate or misrepresent their ESG practices to attract investors. Investing based solely on ESG ratings without thorough due diligence could result in exposure to companies that do not genuinely prioritize sustainability or responsible business practices.


ESG Sentiment Risk
Investor sentiment towards ESG investing may change over time due to various factors such as market trends, geopolitical events, or economic conditions. A shift in investor preferences away from ESG-focused investments could lead to price fluctuations and potential underperformance of ESG stocks relative to the broader market.

Investment Amount

Minimum Initial Investment Amount Subsequent Minimum Investment Amount
RM 30,000
(subject to an initial investment of RM 10,000)
RM 5,000

Fee & Charges

Service Fee Annual Management Fee (including Taxation) Custodian Fee
3.00% for every capital injection 1.50% per annum*
*An annual management fee of 1.50% on the market value of the portfolio will be charged monthly at the end of each calendar month, and payment will be made quarterly in arrears.
0.03% per annum *
* based on market value of the Assets as at end of each calendar month, payable to the Custodian on a monthly basis.